To save you from the long, lonely virtual walk all the way to Amazon, I have collected a few edited highlights of the reviews for Womb with a View that have been posted there. You may think that this is cheating, as I wouldn’t re-post the rubbish reviews, and you would be absolutely right. However, there are (currently) only nice things being said about my book, and not all by my mum. In the interests of balance, I would of course paste the crap reviews here, but only if they are suitably cutting and very, very sweary.


“I was so pleased [Jodie] decided to share her experiences in this literary tour de force that is essential reading for Dad’s as well as Mum’s. Her no holds barred approach smacks you in the face like a wet nappy.” Mr E Chorley

“…this book is razor-sharply observed and captures all the little nuances of the way your world is turned upside down by the impending and subsequent birth of a child. [Jodie] has no truck with fools. At all. Or car parking at doctors. Or a lot of health professionals in general – particularly the insipid ones. But she has certainly got her own back here. The way she tells a tale is wonderful. She has great comic timing and I was actually weeping with laughter as I read the bit about the knitted boob at the prenatal group.” Nik O’Flynn

“I guarantee you’ll laugh very, very hard.” Amster17



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